Executive Partners

“CAPTAIN” JACK APONTE, President and COO of Renegade Radio Nashville, LLC.

“Captain” Jack Aponte is the “face of country radio” in Nashville, TN. He is responsible for the day-to-day activity and relationships with recording labels, artists and the country music industry. Aponte has been a part of the entertainment scene at the Jersey Shore for more than 25 years, his deep voice and sense of humor has made him a favorite of all ages. Known as “The Boss of The Beach” and “The Host of the Coast,” Aponte has had the privilege to work at some of the best country radio stations, both in and out of New Jersey.  While he has multiple-formatic experience, the thirty-five-year broadcast veteran’s passion has always revolved around the Nashville scene and country music. Jack believes strongly in exposing new country songs and breaking new country artists to his audiences. As a contemporary country music programmer, Jack always goes the extra mile to find a sound unique to his format. Captain Jack has also received numerous awards for his community service, a true believer of helping those in-need, whenever and however he can.


Scott Huber is Corporate IT Director based out of the Scorpion Radio Group HQ in Waynesboro, PA. Scott is the design engineer for the SRG facilities, coordinates and synchronizes all of the software and hardware systems throughout the company. Scott is responsible for specing, supplying, repairing and maintaining all the computers and software that are required to run the corporate radio station and administration systems. Huber has been instrumental in the development of the SRG international operation, was one of the original on-site construction team for the “Island Beatz Radio” in Nassau, New Providence, The Bahamas, and is currently on the design team for the projected SRG facilities in Costa Rica and Argentina. Scott is the Program Director for the SRG station “Extreme Metal Worx” and as such is responsible for formatic design, music procurement, on-air work, as well as voice production work and scheduling/producing shows for air. In addition to his IT and Programming expertise, Huber has solid experience as a TV Master Control Operator for NBC affiliate (WHAG-TV) located in Hagerstown, MD. His background in TV covers in-studio news production, pre-recording of satellite fed shows, as well as maintaining and troubleshooting feed and equipment issues, setting up remote broadcast feeds and making sure that scheduled shows aired at their proper times to include general MCO board operating, the recording/ production of commercials, and MCO PC maintenance.


Jason Kabler is SRG’s Corporate Graphic Design Engineer and is responsible for much of the graphic work currently being used by the company. Kabler began his career in multimedia after high school. He went to work at WJAL TV 68 in Hagerstown, MD where his positions included master control operator, traffic manager, editor and programming.  In the late 80’s and early 90’s, Jason and his family owned and created a nationally syndicated television show called “Hit Country Video”. This weekly hour long show featured music videos, interviews and contests revolving around the wildly popular country music scene. The show could be seen on television stations all around the country. “Hit Country Video” was also on satellite, giving them viewership from around the world. Kabler went on to design, develop, and manage his own business “Scrapbook Videos”. In addition to ownership, Jason provided the company with skills in video editing and production, and graphic design.

In 2001, Kabler was recruited and subsequently employed by BFC Enterprises Nashville, TN. As a graphic designer and the head of research and development, Jason created the popular “Remember When” product line, and several other gifts and cards which can still be found in Cracker Barrel and Hallmark greeting card stores, as well as smaller retailers throughout the country.
Kabler is an accomplished singer and songwriter. Throughout his career, he has done audio recording, mixing, engineering, and producing for radio and television and internet.

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